WFII-B Two Strand Wire Feeder Machine (Gear Box)
We believe that wire feeder machines are as essential as cored wires for your application. Baotou Lead Injection Alloys has committed to delivering customers with reliable, robust, compact and adaptable wire feeder equipment through decades of development and experience. We offer a variety of wire feeder machines from single-strand to six-strand. All wire feeder machines support at least three operation modes (Local, Remote and Control in the Main Control Room) with high precision, durability and efficiency. We also provide specially tailored wire feeder machines, according to the customer’s request, and it may include the number of strands, motorization variations, speed range, etc.
WFII-B Two Strand Wire Feeder Machine (Gear Box)
Main Technical Data
Feeding Speed 0-360 m/min
Motor 1 x 11 kw
Elec.Protection IP55/IP54
Power Supply AC 380/400/415V, 50/60Hz
Media 0.4-0.6 Mpa
Weight 1500 kg
Dia.Wheel 140mm
Dimension 1370mm(L) x 880mm(W) x 1360mm(H)
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